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Complete any excavation job on time and within your budget by turning to the full-service excavation team. Our talented, qualified, and experienced team is ready to make your project a success.

Your full-service excavating company

Never delay the service that your property needs! Instead, reach out to the experts that are available 24/7.

Give us a call right now about your next excavation project.


No matter what kind of space you own, you can count on our extensive excavation services to help you keep things functional and comfortable. Trust us for all types and sizes of projects on all types and sizes of property! You'll get great work from our qualified professionals.


•  Residential

•  Commercial

•  Industrial

Put us to work on any type of property

•  Lot clearing and tree removal

•  Land development

•  Environmental excavation

•  Rock Excavation

•  Pond and retention pond installation

•  Road building, driveways, and parking lots

•  Site work and site preparation

•  Restoration

•  And more!

Bedrock Contracting & Excavating is your one-stop shop for excavation work

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